Mangla View Resort is strategically located between Islamabad and Lahore, a short 15-minute drive from a town called Dina, 100km away from Islamabad and 200km away from Lahore. The land for development was acquired on 99 years lease.

Mangla View Resort is the first truly resort development in Pakistan. The main feature is the Mangla Lake nestled within the hills of Kashmir. The resort comprises bungalows and also hosts a myriad of 1st class amenities to cater to residents and visitors. A management company will manage the resort.

It has 4 clubs complementing the resort - the Family Club, riding club, Boat Club and Golf Club with an 18-hole golf course. It is classified as a Tourism project by the Ministry of Tourism, Pakistan. End Financing is also available to buyers of residential units of the Resort.

Land size: 324 acres
Date of commencement: 2004
Expected date of completion: 2010
Development Component: Resort Bungalows, Commercial Precinct (English Village, Family Club), SPA Hotel, Boutique Hotel, Boat club, Golf Club & Riding Club.

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